Modern Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation in Rancho Santa Fe Homes

Tired of your outdated kitchen look and layout? When Rancho Santa Fe homeowners talk about their older style kitchen, often the first thoughts that come to mind are а lack of space and functionality, outdated, and generally unappealing.

Preparing meals in an outdated kitchen can be cumbersome at times. Also, the kitchen is often the main selling point in а home, especially in an upscale area such as Rancho Santa Fe, CA. When it’s time to sell your home, one with an outdated kitchen can make it difficult to find a buyer because the outdated look can make your buyers walk away, regardless of the rest of а home.

Certainly there’s а little more planning and creativity involved in the design and renovation of a kitchen versus а simple kitchen remodel.  A kitchen renovation is usually worth the extra effort as it can truly become an outstanding new feature in your home.

Modern Kitchen Design
A very current trend home owners love is the modern kitchen design. Modern kitchen designs are sleek, smooth and minimalist in detail. Not a lot of ornate wood working or complexities. Finishes are more slick, simple and functional. They feature curved and rounded edges, darker colors on counters. Dark brown “espresso” color floors and white cabinets are popular favorites.

The Planning Phase
When first beginning а redesign of an older outdated kitchen, there are several key components to be considered. These include the amount of aisle space and overall workspace, lighting and the amount of storage. It’s important to be realistic about how much space is needed to make а kitchen functional, rather than only going for style only.

If you want to go really big you can remove a wall for an open floor plan modern kitchen.

Countertops and Cabinets
When it comes to counters, granite countertops and marble countertops are elegant options, while concrete, limestone and stainless steel counters are a little trendier. For a bit of color, add a bright mosaic tile backsplash, subway tiles, or pick out a vibrant wood floor finish. Modern designs in kitchens showcase cabinets that are darker in color, solid faced and functional.  Recently, there has been a shift and interest in white kitchen cabinetry as well.

For Rancho Santa Fe homeowners who feel discouraged by their outdated kitchen, remember that a quality design can create а gorgeous new space, regardless of space and sometimes even budget limitations.

At Classic Home Improvements, our Rancho Santa Fe kitchen design and build team has years of hands on experience in transforming outdated kitchens to one you have always dreamed about. No project is too big or small!

Call  or email our Classic Home Improvements team today for your modern kitchen design consultation and kitchen remodel estimate (888) 763-3376.


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