Is Your Wet Bar a Wet Blanket?

Many older homes in Encinitas CA were built with wet bars, which back in the day were a popular upgrade. Nowadays many homeowners are more interested in open concept living spaces. Classic Home Improvements is up to the task of removing wet bars and updating homes to a more of a clean, modern and open concept look.

There is a reason the word great room begins with the word “great”. These spaces facilitate a place where families and friends can gather and create lasting memories. Because the kitchen is part of this space, those who are exercising their culinary skills can still be part of the party.

Wet bars can sometimes be a wet blanket when it comes to open concept spaces. Because they often take up room and cut into open spaces, some homeowners are choosing to have them removed, and smart homeowners are turning to Classic Home Improvements to make it happen.

Classic Home Improvements features a design team that is dedicated to making an Encinitas homeowner’s remodeling dreams come true. With their team of designers who are committed to communicating with clients in a way that meets the homeowners’ specific lifestyle and budget needs.

Encinitas CA isn’t the only city experiencing the ChooseCHI difference. They are also working their magic in nearby Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Rancho Santa Fe and other north San Diego county areas.

There are many advantage of using Classic Home Improvements for your home remodeling needs. We communicate regarding each project daily as a team to ensure we are effectively managing the workload we have undertaken. This means they are able to communicate with their customers clearly regarding each stage of their project.

The Owner of CHI, Jack Crocker, believes in attention to detail. From start to finish, his work is clean and timely. Most clients have to live in their homes during renovation so Classic Home Improvements does their best to take the chaos out of the process.

Once a project has begun, our award winning team of home remodel contractors begin production planning. Their Production Department first schedules a visit to your home to confirm the measurements and quantities needed for ordering materials.

All materials and supplies are ordered prior to commencement of work. All vendors and outsource contractors are scheduled in advance so that work can progress quickly, effectively and stay on time.

When all the paper work is completed and the materials are in-house they then contact the client to verify the start date for the actual remodeling to begin.

Once the work is started on your home, it is Classic Home Improvement’s company policy to proceed to a timely completion. Their belief is that it is important for each homeowner to understand that their concern is much the same as yours: the successful completion of your project in a timely and clean manner.

Whether you want to remove a wet bar, remodel a bathroom or anything in between, Classic Home Improvement will turn your ideas into reality. Their website has before and after pictures that will inspire you to update and upgrade your home, using the expertise provided by Jack Crocker and his team of professionals.

Projects vary widely depending on your needs and budget. Classic Home Improvements’ representatives can visit with you to better understand your home improvement needs. At Classic Home Improvements we do more than give you a quote. We provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your home.

Our representatives take time to explain the details regarding your project. We answer all of your questions and explain the estimates for your home improvement project. There is no obligation. Give us some time to review your wish list and we will give you valuable information on cost reduction and time saving details. We believe that an educated consumer is their best customer!

Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your next home improvement project. Call 888-763-3376.


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