20+ Years in the Industry

Meet the Owner of Classic Home Improvements…

Jack Crocker, President and owner of Classic Home Improvements, holds a Class B General Contractors license. With more than 20 years in the construction industry Jack has a comprehensive knowledge of the entire construction process.right-meetjohn

Jack has spent his entire career in the construction industry, beginning when he was 16 working as a job site laborer during the summer. Jack worked his way up from field worker to foreman in multiple trades, one trade at a time over many years, with the goal of mastering all aspects of the construction process, not just one or two pieces of it. Wanting to understand both the field and the office aspects of construction, Jack concentrated his next efforts on a successful sales career in the window business.

In 1998 Jack accepted the challenge of moving his family to Southern California, building and opening a window factory. Next came opening a plumbing location for RCR Companies in San Diego. From there, he was invited to build both plumbing and concrete divisions for Campbell Concrete in San Diego and beyond.

Finding his fit in an operational role, Jack has spent the last seven years responsible for all aspects of the business in one of the largest new construction framing companies remaining in the industry, BMC/SelectBuild. In the last 13 years alone Jack has been directly responsible for all operations of businesses that have completed in excess of $450,000,000 worth of construction projects in multiple trades in Southern California without a single mark on any of his licenses.

With his field, sales, and operational experience in both the private and corporate environment fully developed Jack has opened his own business, Classic Home Improvements. His goal is to provide a high quality yet affordable option with honest professional trades people to homeowners who want to beautify and protect their homes for years to come.


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