Classic Home Improvements General Contractor San Diego

Classic Home Improvements.
A Home Improvement Team You Can Trust.

Home Design and Remodeling is what we love to do.  In 2015 there are new trends, ideas and inspiration all around you that can be easily incorporated into your home.

The team at Classic Home Improvements is excited to bring you tips, insights and cool things to know about how, when, where and why  you should update the look and functionality of your home.

We’re really excited to share with you and get to know you through our new blog. Be sure to follow us, Like Us on Facebook, stay up to date with ideas on Twitter, and best of all, call us to ask questions about how  we can provide a great remodeling experience for your home!

Here’s a  brief look at why we’re different and why clients love to work with us:

Remodeling your home is a multi-faceted process which contains financial, emotional, and sentimental aspects. We understand each of these aspects and our goal is to be your partner through the entire process. Choosing the right contractor is an important decision and we would like for you to know a little more about us.

We are licensed and insured.
We invite you to visit the California state licensing website and check our license. Our license number is 944782. If you go to the end of the page, you will find information regarding the owner of Classic Home Improvements as well.  We carry General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
We are your neighbor.
Our team is local! Many of our customers are pleased to know their requests will be addressed in a timely manner because our crews live and work within the community.
We are a corporation.
This means we are not a handyman who may be remodeling your home during spare time. We are an established organization who will be in existence during your warranty period, and beyond.
We manage our workflow.
We communicate regarding each project daily as a team to ensure we are effectively managing the workload we have undertaken. This means we are able to communicate with our customers clearly regarding each stage of their project.
We check references too!
When we hire a new staff member, we check their references. We encourage you to check ours as well! While we have provided you with testimonials from happy customers, we would like you to feel comfortable to contact any of our references. In fact, we hope you will allow us to provide your information to be a reference when we have completed your project!
We have completed projects similar to yours.
Are you interested in seeing a completed project that is similar to yours? Please explore our website to see before and after pictures or visit us on our Facebook page to see pictures of completed projects.
We encourage an open channel of communication right from the start.
We understand most homeowners work and schedules vary depending on careers. For that reason, we have a dedicated customer service team who you will have 24 hour access to in the event you have a question or concern. You can reach your customer service representative by email, phone call, or text.
We thank you for inviting us into your home.
We understand your home is your haven. We also understand that for most homeowners your home is your most valuable investment. We are committed to giving you the best service with the highest quality at an affordable price. We thank you for allowing us to be a guest in your home as we complete your project and assure you we will work cleanly, quickly, and efficiently.

Why Do It Yourself? Hire the Experts.
Contact the Classic Home Improvements Team, Today!


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